the Lion Between Matter & Spirit by P Shneidre & A Liffey, featuring Sunit Gupta & Others
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Dr Gupta spent five months helping victims of the Tsunami in India. He is available to help/consult.

 ‘15th International Sindhi Sammelan’
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The web site for Psychic Realm and Ashihara Karate USA based in Los Angeles under the direction of Karate Sensei Dr. Sunit K. Gupta!

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Get your Horoscopes and Astrology from Daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, love horoscope, chinese astrology, love, money, sex, business, career, compatibility, zodiac sign, free daily horoscope. Dr. Sunit also offers private tuition in ashihara karate and self defense upon request. Besides training Professional Body Guards, he himself also serves as a personal body guard and as an "actor" in the film and television industry.

  • Let Dr. Gupta be you Personal Spiritual Counselor, Psychic and Astrologer.
  • Dr. Gupta can help in your day to day Life in any of the following areas: Family Problems/ Counseling, Financial Guidance-Planning, Court Matters, Jury Selection, Marketing Yourself or your Business, etc.
  • We together can change the Destiny.

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The web site for Psychic Realm and Ashihara Karate USA based in Los Angeles under the direction of Karate Sensei Dr. Sunit K. Gupta! Get your Horoscopes and Astrology from Daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, love horoscope, chinese astrology, love, money, sex, business, career, compatibility, zodiac sign, free daily horoscope

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Watch Dr Gupta’s latest commercial which you may have already seen on tv. 
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See Dr Gupta in an episode of  “Outsourced” being released on Oct 14th

USAsia Business Expo
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Dr. Gupta Successfully completed World Tour
Starting March 2014
Countries to be visited in Europe, Africa, Asia & India

Consult Dr. Gupta in your city.

In Thailand : Ambassador City Hotel 6th March - 13th March
India 13th March -13th April
Myanmar (Burma)
Singapore, Hong Kong
Jakarta 15th April - 25th April
Vietnam, Japan
Sri Lanka, Pakistan
Dubai, Kuwait, Egypt
Bangladesh, Nepal
Bhutan, Fiji
Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Turkey, Greece
West Indies
Africa - Mauritius

Dr. Gupta on USA Tour
Starting June of 2014
Will be touring and available to meet you in person.
Please contact for his schedule for N. California, Arizona, New York and other states.

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New Release Dvds:
"Vaastu" and " Lucky Tips"
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Interview with Dr Gupta
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Watch Dr Sunit K Gupta & Sarita Khosla on
“Psychics: Myth or Fact?”
on Time Warner Cable
19 shows every week

Mr Deep Roy of Oompa Loompa & Charlie's Choclate Factory graces our stand.
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