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Dr Gupta spent five months helping victims of the Tsunami in India. He is available to help/consult.

 ‘15th International Sindhi Sammelan’
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Relief Efforts


Since November 4th I am in India.

What am I doing since then, leaving my beloved wife and daughter? Being far from my clients and business?

There are so many questions and queries which comes in the mind.

Well I came to visit my Parents, Siblings, Guruji and relatives. Also my desire and mission was to enhance my spirituality, Organise Ashihara Karate International's South East Asia Region and to train students and Elite Forces with Shihan Dadi Bulsara.

While I was doing the things I was suppose to. Suddenly TSUNAMI created Havoc. There were so many victims. No one was prepared for a Natural Disaster of such Magnitude. I felt terrible. My soul was not at rest.

I remembered the shock and disaster in the Northridge Earthquake in 1994. Although I went through a lot still I tried to help the victims by providing food , etc.

Comparatively, Tsunami was 1000+ times more disastrous.

I called my wife and daughter. I communicated to them. We can always make money and be in the same Rutt of Life.

I feel like extending my stay to help the victims. I was surprized with their answer and encouragement for this cause. My eyes were dampened. When my Little daughter Miss. Hersheeta K. Gupta offered her savings from her Piggy Bank to help the Tsunami Victims. I was so confident with the sacrifice my wife had gone through. She encouraged me too and said not to worry about them, they will manage. Just go ahead with the cause.

I was little candid. We don't have a regular job or business which generates regular money. I had left some money for the family's day to day need.

Well depending on my Fate and God. I offered myself to help. Even my family in India and respected Guruji Shri. Shri 108 Parimal Bhattacharjee encouraged me to help the humanity.

I am so thankful to all the blessed souls.

I initiated my process.

St. Xaviers College Alumni Association did a lot for Tsunami Victims.

My brother Shri. Navneet K. Gupta is also a patron and founder member of this Association. Under the guidance of Rev. Father Mathews, help was provided to the Victims in Cash and Kind. I also joined them. Whatever little I could do I did. We also organized a concert of the famous Pakistani Group "The Strings". The program was the yearly ritual of the Alumni.

They do this every year with various artists and have named the Program "Beyond Barriers" Surely, it is "Beyond Barriers" of cast and creed. Thousands of people witnessed this program and the money generated was Donated to Tsunami Victims.

Well , this was not enough. The disaster which struck needs Mountains of Money, Time, Muscles, Machines and What not?

Alumni again organized a March of Students. Nearly 75 Schools and Colleges participated in Miles Long March. Thousands of young and old people Marched on the Street of Kolkata to raise money for The Tsunami Victims. Piggy Banks to Global Corporations pitched into raise Mountain of Money and praying for the victims. The March ended in the Grounds where again there were dignitaries like Army Chief of Eastern Comand, Chief Justice of High Court, Usha Uthup, etc.

It was so soul-soothing to be a part of this event.

Thereafter I started moving on with my daily rituals. I started appearing (am still) on T.V. for 1/2 an hour program. spreading the word through my spiritual knowledge and the science of Astrology. I am on T.V. three to five times a week.

From February 18th. I was a part of "SOM- MAHA YAGNA" and "Adhyatmic Mahotsava".THE PURPOSE OF THIS MAHA-YAGNA AND ADHATMIC MAHOTSAV WAS TO

Various Spiritual Organizations came together to Host This Special Fire Sacrifice. High Spiritualists and the Heads of Hiduism gathered from various places. One team came from Chennai, other from Surat, Some from Orissa, Some from Rajasthan, Some from Delhi, Some from Bollywood.

Some of the participants were Shri Shakti Shekhar with his Play "Vivekananda" and Anuradha Podwal. It was a Cosmos of Highly evolved souls under one Roof. Round the clock for 10 days it was a spiritual city called Meera Nagri (near my residence), in Kolkata.

The Chanting of Mantras, Offering of Aahutis to Agni Dev, Being with Spiritualist, listening to spiritual discourse and hymns, bhajans. I was blessed to be a part of this.

On Saturday the 26th I was invited on the Stage with all the High Archies of Religion and local Political Ministers. People from my City of Joy appreciated my presence among them.

On Sunday I was again on stage with Jagadguru Shri Shankracharya of Puri, Shri. Nishchilananda Ji Maharaj-In Bharat he is like Pope figure of Hinduism ; Goswami Shri Vallabhrai Ji Maharaj- Jagadguru from Vallabhacharya Sampraday- Surat; Shri Anuraag Ji Maharaj; Shri Swami Somgiri Maharaj of Bikaner. Shri Vishnu Kant Ji Shastri, Ex Governor of Uttar Prades and my Gurulike idol from Anamika since 1968. And So many Gurus.

Intelligence Branch Brought their Sniffing Dogs, Metal Detectors , etc.

This was something I saw for the first time. May be this was a precautionary measure. Since the followers our old terrorist Bin Laden were a threat. I had no fear to be on stage. Knowing my Destiny I went on the stage smiling.

I had the privilege to give the discourse to thousands of people. All of them were siting on the floor to listen to me. Why they sat on the floor? This is a part of culture of India, to give respect and symbolizes equality of human beings.

Millions of people were watching on television while my Discourse was being on live telecast.

I remembered Swami Vivekananda and offered my Pranam unto him. Since, he was the first Hindu Missionary to go from East to West for his Chicago Address.

My "Ahobhagya" (Good Luck). I am coming from West to East to give Discourse on Hinduism , Vedas, Puranas, Jyotish and many other integrated subjects. Millions of people are waiting to listen to me on my Birth Place in Kolkata , next to Great Leader and Yugpurush Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's Home. My Aura was Bubbling energy. I felt I was touching each and every soul.

I started speaking and went on for about 2 hours. The spectators were listening to me spell bound. I didn't se a single person getting up and leaving. Instead they were physically shrinking to make more room for other people to join them. This was a real Satsang.

I went on and on without any water or feeling dehydrated in the warm weather.

When I completed and was honoured. I felt so proud of myself like I won the Multi Billion Lotto. There was such an energy exchange between us. Me , audience and the Galaxy of Gurus.

I was blessed by all of them. Swami Somgiri Ji Maharaj couldn't resist appreciating the work I just did.

All the Organizers cheered me so much. One of them (Editor of a daily newspaper), while shaking my hand, was so exited that he forgot to let my hand go for about 5 minutes. They all want me to guide them again.

Well this is what I have been doing in Bharat. Will be returning soon from City of Joy to City of Angeles.


Astrologically yours,
Dr. Sunit K. Gupta

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