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Dr Gupta spent five months helping victims of the Tsunami in India. He is available to help/consult.

 ‘15th International Sindhi Sammelan’
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Daily Bulletin 2

Upland man treats problems by mystical means

Sunit Gupta understands his is not the traditional way Americans deal with personal crisis or in planning their futures.

But in a world of the unique and nontraditional, he hopes to help in his own special way.

"The purpose of what I do is to consult people who come to me to improve their life style," said Gupta, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic and Astrologer.

Gupta is a Pomona resident who's been in business for 25 years in the United States.

He was born in India and his work is connected with the religious study of Hinduism.

"I started having visions when I was about 5-years-old," said Gupta, who there after started studying scriptures, palmistry, Vedic astrology and related psychic sciences and metaphysics. "I believe everything in this world is the result of Karma. Helping people through my knowledge is my true calling."

Gupta is a Pomona resident. He went home to India last November and was there when the Tsunami hit.

Instead of retreating for the states to his family and business, he stayed for several months helping victims with his spiritual, holistic healing.

He returned last summer and re-established his practice about three months ago at the GoodHealth Clinic in Upland.

"Most of the time people come to me with their focus on relationships and finance, but I have no limitations," he said. "Most of the time they come to me with tears in their eyes and leave with a smile. That's immensely satisfying."

Award-winning photographer Jeff Carrillo was in a creative slump when he met Gupta about seven years ago in an alternative book store in Upland.

"I was reading a flier on him and there was a line that read, `change your destiny,' and that spoke to me," said Carrillo, 32, who lives in Beverly Hills. "He believes in using the universes energy. I like that kind of stuff. I'm into quantum physics."

Carrillo started to see Gupta a couple of times a month and it wasn't long before he was winning photo competitions and opening up his own studio.

Carrillo's explanation for what Gupta does, is that he helps clear the barriers people have built up around them.

"You can have talent and great photos and great intentions, but have great barriers built up that doesn't allow others to see your photos," he said. "Remove the blockage, and people can really see the photo faithfully. It's like when a person goes to a chiropractor for an adjustment, a doctor might yell surgery, but realigning the troubled area the blockage is removed the energy flows freely and the patient feels better." Carrillo sees Gupta regularly for guidance, insight, Feng Shui and reiki, a form of energy healing.

In reiki, the practitioner places his hands upon the person and then the energy begins flowing.

"I don't see this as any kind of trickery, it just is," Carrillo said. "It's reality. And not what you've been told reality is. Energy and light, it helps you see for your own self. Dr. Gupta makes it work. You can change your destiny."

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